AFLPro - Amibroker AFL Protector + License Manager

Maximize Your Credit, Revenues and AFL Security

Sell your trading system safely

AFLPro is an easy solution for trading system developers to protect, license and sell their systems. AFL scripts are converted to plug-ins leaving no public trading logic in AFL files. Plug-ins are protected and can be licensed. The protected plug-ins can be made public. Only customers who were given license for their machines can use the protected Plug-Ins.


How it works:

01 You provide us your AFL to be protected

02 Your AFL will be totally confidential between us.

03 Your AFL will be converted into DLL.

04 DLL will be protected with code protection techniques.

05 You will get your protected AFL system packed into a Setup file, through which one can easily install your protected AFL system.

06 You will get a License Manager to license your protected AFL system.

07 You will get a License Installer to help you/client to install their license file easily.


Convert AFL to DLL

Formula/Code changes after performing conversion

AFL is now completely safe & secure after conversion into DLL and contains only single line of code which references to DLL. DLL is protected with code protection techniques. Decompile of DLL fails after performing protection as well as code protection techniques.

License Manager

Create your product evaluation and trials, hardware locked, flexible and exclusive license in just minutes with License Manager, an easy, robust and portable licensing application. Please keep it confidential as it generates licenses for your protected AFL system.

Machine wise licensing of AFL

You will get machine wise licensing system. The unique machine id will be generated for each machine you installed your protected AFL system. By using that unique client’s machine id, you can generate license for that machine only and no other than the intended machine can use that generated license.

Limit the use of AFL by licensing it in number of days

You can generate licenses for the clients in number of days. It means that if you generated license for a client for 30 days then client will be unable to access your protected AFL after 30 days of use.

AFL Formula/Code Protection

DLL is protected with code protection techniques. Performing decompile of DLL fails after performing protection as well as code protection techniques.

AFL Piracy Protection

No extra hardware or logics required to protect your system. It protects your AFL system from being used by unauthorised users. It contains all required parameters to protect the system and various encryption methods built on multiple standards for protecting system and auto locking system. So, Even if anyone copies your protected system or tries to misuse it, then he won’t be able to use it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do I have to do to protect my AFL?

Is my AFL is safe?

What time does it takes to protect my AFL?

What is payment condition?

How to make payment?

How many licenses can be generated in License Manager?

Is license manager is web based application?

Can I change my AFL formula once it is protected?

How much does it cost to protect AFL?

If I have more than one AFL to be protected, how much does it cost?

I am existing client, and want to protect more AFL?

Note: The Protected System may use third party plug-ins or software to improve and optimize performance and for better security of the system. You may or may not require third party license(s) for the protected system to run smoothly without any limitations. Without third party license, it does not allow using them in back-tester and optimizer mode. Neither should it be used in automated real time systems as it may request restarting AmiBroker after a few hours of continuous use.